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Vintage Apron using my “Welcome to the Roost” fabric

My online artist who I’ve met a few times live Denise Clason wrote a book called Vintage Aprons*.  I was so excited when she contacted me to see if  I had any fabric that would work well for a vintage apron because she wanted to do some samples.  We sent her to Welcome to the Roost fabric (now available in your local independent quilt shop – made by South Sea Imports).

I was so excited to see this version of Annie’s Apron (p. 33 of the book) using my fabric – totally cool!

apron made from Welcome to the Roost fabric by Tara Reed Designs Vintage Aprons book by Denise Clason

She also made a few hot pads from the panel that includes 7 different squares – great for, well, creating hot pads of course, or to use in quilting or home décor projects.

Hot pads made from Welcome to the Roost fabric by Tara Reed Designs

Thanks, Denise, for thinking of me and sharing these great projects.  If you are reading this blog post and love to sew – consider grabbing a copy of Denise’s book* – great for you, great gift for your seamstress friends… the holidays are coming!


– Tara Reed

Honored to have made Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Gallery

The other day I received an email from an artist, congratulating me on my fabric being in the Winter 2011 issue of Fabric Trends for Quilters magazine. (p. 26 on the Fabric Gallery side of the mag) WHAT????  I had no idea!

I was so excited to find the magazine at my local Fred Meyer that I grabbed a random stranger to take my photo with the magazine.  What I found equally fascinating is that she just said “Sure!” took my iPhone and snapped a few.  Didn’t ask why… just made sure my eyes were open. :)  Interesting how having our photos taken any and everywhere on our phone is so commonplace now that no one even asks why you want a pic snapped in front of the magazine racks!

Anyway… this is my new Sip & Savor coffee collection just released by South Sea Imports and I’m quite excited to create something with it!  I’ll show you more photos of the fabric later – I’m chin-deep in preparations for a trade show at the moment.

I hope your year is off to a great start with wonderful surprises around every bend!

– Tara Reed

Make a Joyful Noise with Musical Christmas Fabric from South Sea Imports

For all the sewers out there, my new Christmas fabric – Make a Joyful Noise – is in quilt stores now.  After the success of Play Your Song last year, South Sea Imports did a follow-up holiday collection complete with harps, french horns and lots and lots of holly!

Now if I could pull myself away from the paints and computer for a day or so, I’m sure I could make something really cool!  If you beat me to it, do send me a photo so I can see what you’ve created and put it on the blog.  I love to see what people do with fabric featuring my art!

Here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season… ladies, start your sewing machines!

– Tara Reed

A peek inside Tara Reed’s fabric design process

Over the past year, I’ve given several talks to quilting groups and guilds in the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area.  I often tweet or Facebook about upcoming talks and then receive emails asking me to video tape the talks.  I FINALLY brought my friend and video camera with me to a talk in September.  Here is a snippet from the talk where you can see some of my process.

– Tara Reed

P.S.  See all the fabric from South Sea Imports – by myself and the many other talented designers, at www.SouthSeaImports.com

P.P.S.  Are you an artist?  Do you want to learn how to create repeat patterns in Photoshop too?  Go to www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/repeats.html to learn more.

Music Quilt featuring Play Your Song Fabric by Tara Reed and South Sea Imports

I was so excited when I went to my mailbox yesterday to find a note and photos of a quilt using my fabric.  The woman who won the free fabric samples at Craft Warehouse in Vancouver, WA was kind enough to share her creation.   Margaret told me that her mother was a piano teacher so the fabric has extra special meaning to her and she had it quilted with a musical motif at Just for Fun Quilting, also in Vancouver, WA.  Great job on the group effort and thank you so much for sharing!

This keeps me inspired to keep designing fabric – I love seeing what people do with it!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Look for fabrics by Tara Reed and South Sea Imports at your favorite independent fabric store!

P.P.S. If you’ve created something with any of my fabrics, email me photos so I can “share them with the group”! :)

Play in the Sand Fabric from Tara Reed Designs in stores now!

Rumor has it, it is summer… You wouldn’t know it if you lived in the Northwest lately.  I think we’ve had one sunny day in June and lots of low 60’s and very wet weather.  But I’m not complaining – I have been very busy in my studio following up on new leads and requests after coming home from my annual trade show in New York.

I’m so excited to tell you that my latest fabric collection from South Sea Imports should be available at your local quilting store  – ask for it by name!

I’m sure the sun will come out in the Northwest and I will find some time to play with this fun, summer fabric.  If you make something with it, send me a photo, I’d love to see and share!

– Tara Reed

First Course Fabric features Rich colors, healthy Olive Oils, veggies and more…


FirstCourseRunnerYou may never want to get to the main course once you get your hands on my new fabric collection, First Course, from South Sea Imports! With 14 fabrics and 2 panels (one with 4 placemats and one featuring an apron) – the possibilities are endless.

I decided to make a wall hanging and hot plate for my kitchen, using the “Mod Quads” pattern from Blue Underground Studios.  I saw a full quilt with this pattern at A Common Thread in Portland, Oregon and instantly fell in love with it!  My one regret is choosing to try it for the first time with directional fabric – thank goodness for seam rippers!  In the end I think it turned out quite well…

The good people at South Sea Imports create project sheets for each collection they bring out for quilters.  Here is a picture and a link to download the project sheet if you want to try it out. CLICK HERE TO GET THE PROJECT SHEET

If you use the First Course fabric, I’d love to see what you create and share it on the blog!  Email me a photo and a little about yourself!  EMAIL ME

Happy sewing!

– Tara


disclosure: I have no relationship with Blue Underground Studios except that I purchased and liked their pattern and wanted to share.

Fun at the Quilt Party at Craft Warehouse in Vancouver, WA

How much fun was this? On November 4th & 5th I had the pleasure of speaking at three Quilt Parties at the Vancouver, WA location of Craft Warehouse, about fabric design. (It’s like I have my own “Craft Warehouse Road Show” and I love it!)CraftWarehouseWA-Nov09-1

What started as 2 groups that met in the store, these avid quilters had to be moved to “Seize the Bagel” 2 doors down about 2-3 years ago because there were too many of them!  Then they had to add a third group – on Wednesday afternoon – because they were worried they might be breaking fire codes at the Thursday afternoon party!

They still fill the store – both physically and with a lot of fun and friendly energy.  I had a wonderful time talking about my business and how fabric concepts go from my head to their sewing machines.  (They even gave me a microphone!  Double fun!)

My favorite part of each party was “Show & Tell”. I remember loving it in kindergarten and was equally enthralled here.  Beautiful quilts and bags and even some baskets were shown and shared.  Amazing!  I’ve had a very hard time working today because I bought a new purse pattern and fabric to sew and I want to get to it… it’s testing my will power!

Thank you to all the women who so kindly listened to me talk, asked great questions and shared wonderful work.  One woman asked for the pattern to make my fabric pie and I will get to it… stay tuned!

Stay positive, creative and upbeat! Maybe I’ll get to come chat with you again in the future.  For now, don’t forget to send me photos of what you create with my fabric so I can share it… based on Show & Tell I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing!

– Tara

Fabric shown below is “First Course” from South Sea Imports.


Taking my Fabric Trunk Show to Craft Warehouse in Vancouver, WA…

This Wednesday and Thursday I will be at the “Quilt Party” at the Craft Warehouse Store in Vancouver, WA. If you are in the area, come on by and check it out – it’s open to any fabric lovers or quilters and it’s free!

Wednesday, November 4th – 1 pm
Thursday, November 5th – 1 pm and 7 pm

I will be the guest this month – giving attendees a glimpse into how fabric is designed. From concept to printed cloth – I explain my process, answer questions and have a great time.  This is the 3rd Craft Warehouse location I’ll be speaking to and have enjoyed each and every one!

The interesting thing that happens is that I break out the sewing machine and create a few things for my “trunk show” before each event.  (“Trunk Show” meaning bringing some samples of things made with the fabric – they had to explain that to me before my first talk.)

I’m almost done with some new projects with my newest line – First Course from South Sea Imports – and will blog about it shortly.  But for now, here are a few pictures from past talks and the address of the Craft Warehouse for this week.  Hope to see you there!

– Tara



Doing a "Happy Dance" – my new "Play Your Song" fabric line is amazing!


My latest fabric collection from South Sea Imports is a big hit with my family.  My son, brother and sister-in-law all play guitar and are fighting for pieces of my fabric.  I have yet to decide who gets what and may just send them all to the store to buy their own!

Musical notes, instruments and messages like Play Your Song and Listen with Your Heart add emotion to the art.  SO… dance on down to your favorite fabric store today and ask to see the “Play Your Song” collection from Tara Reed.

If you would like a free project sheet that includes a quilt, piano bench cover and 2 notebook inserts (all designed by the good people at South Sea Imports), CLICK HERE.  And if you make something you love with the fabric, let me know!  I’d love to post a picture.


Happy creating!

– Tara