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What I’ve recently learned about raccoons…

My fiancé and I are doing and getting lots of work done on our new-old house.  The other day we were having some cool Red Cedars trimmed and the dead wood removed so they don’t fall on our house in a windstorm.  I was surprised when I got a call from our fabulous tree guy – Joe – saying, “there are raccoons in one of the trees, I can’t do the work there.”

What?  Raccoons in  a tree?  My experience with raccoons has been limited to campground sitings, trash can sightings and yes, I’ll say it, road kill sightings.  I have never seen or heard of a raccoon in a tree.  So today, I learned something new.

Raccoons actually build nests in trees where they are protected from other animals and the elements.  Dare to go near them – especially a mama and two babies which is what we have in our tree – and you risk getting seriously injured.  This nest is about 20 ft off the ground and I swear that mama was giving me the stink eye for even looking at her nest.

The tree was left untouched – so the workers would be as well.  The next day they returned and the raccoons were gone.  Hopefully they decided we were bad neighbors because even though they might look cute here – they can be very aggressive and carry a wide variety of diseases.  Not my idea of a great “yard guest”.

Never a dull moment in a remodel!

– Tara Reed