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Marcus – a die-hard duck at age 9!

Meet Marcus – my very-soon-to-be nephew.  At 9 years old he’s about as big an Oregon Duck fan as you will find in the state.  He loves all things yellow and green… don’t even TRY to talk to him about the Beavers… you’ll get a grade-A glare.  This is what happens to a child who grows up with two Duck parents – he becomes an early fan.

Go Ducks!

Saturday was the “Civil War” game in Oregon – when the University of Oregon (Ducks) play Oregon State (Beavers).  It’s quite a state-wide event.  Marcus went to the game with his dad, his Uncle Lenny and a few other Duck die hards and he was ready!  Green & Yellow wig? check! Face paint? check! Duck clothing? check! check!

How very exciting when he caught the eye of the Oregonian Photographer and not only made it online on Saturday but had a color picture in the Sports section of the Sunday Oregonian!  Even though I’m a Nittany Lion and prefer blue and white, I have to say, I was pretty darn excited for him and had to share it with the world!

Way to go Marcus!

A dedicated Dad applies face paint








(photos by Ray Whitehouse, The Oregonian )