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college choices

The college decision is made… this is getting incredibly real!

If you have kids who have gone through this process – you know what I mean when I say “wow! I thought we’d be in preparation / application / wonder mode forever!” If you have younger kids, know that this is a process… and not a short one.

Last night as I sat watching tv, my printer started spitting out paper. (Such is the wireless world we live in – my son hits “print” in the other room and I’m startled in mine – every time!) I glanced over expecting to see some physics or marketing project coming out and noticed the red Boston University logo… wow! This is it – it’s for real! The decision is made – my baby is going to BOSTON in the fall…

I’m becoming one of “those mothers” – the ones who start saying things like “it goes by so fast!” and “how did he get so old when I feel like I’ve barely aged” – it’s true!  And now I’ll add “how did I become one of those mothers???”

Since this sweet little boy was born, we’ve been planning and talking about the day he’d head off into the world – to college, to a job, to… who knows what.  I know that my job has been to raise him to be an independent, kind, thoughtful and responsible young man – if I do say so myself, I think I’ve done a great job!  But that doesn’t mean I’m not a bit overwhelmed and sad and excited at this milestone we are about to go through…

How did this little boy sleeping on his Harry Potter sheets turn into the cowboy making funny faces and the teen who doesn’t like getting his photo taken for the first day of school – but is wonderful enough to humor his mom?

We’ve had some great adventures – my son and I!  And as I went through them to pick some for this post, I realized I WANT MORE!  So I’m charging the batteries and he better be ready to smile for the camera – my days of easy access to this kid are limited so I better get snap happy!  (Please don’t warn him or he might not come home!)

But you know what – this really isn’t about me.  I’m over-the-moon excited for him and know he is going to love Boston and flourish.  I’m incredibly proud and even though he still says I’m not allowed to cry yet – I will if I want to and yes, there are a few tears of joy flowing now.

We are so excited that the applications, SATs, ACTs, information meetings and everything else that goes into figuring out college is done… extra excited that he got into Boston University which has been at the top of his list.  I, like every mom before me, will survive this journey – and he, like every kid, will survive my emotional outpourings. :)

That’s a little peek into this artist’s life today – hope yours is wonderful as well!

– Tara Reed