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About the artist

Tara Reed is an artist by passion and not education – she has a degree in Marketing and over 10 years of experience creating art collections that she licenses to retailers and manufacturers.  Her art connects with consumers in a way that makes them want to have the products for themselves, friends, family or gift-giving.

In 2004 she founded Tara Reed Designs Inc – her art licensing business based out of her 1923 Craftsman home in picturesque Portland, Oregon.  She loves the challenge of learning about the business and needs of her clients and creating art that helps sell their products. Tara is honored to serve on the SURTEX Advisory Board – a premier trade show for the art licensing industry.

My studio is one of my favorite places in the world. I hope you find as much joy from my work as I do so I never have to get a “real job” again! – Tara Reed

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“Tara trivia”

  • When I was little I wanted to be on Broadway – but I can’t sing or dance so I had to find another creative outlet.
  • I’ve found myself to be an unintentional Potato Head collector!  It started with a Birthday Potato Head… later followed by Bride & Groom Potato Heads for my wedding (I wanted something fun!) and now my latest muse – Wonder Woman Potato Head!  I can’t seem to get enough…
  • I’m a middle child – does that explain some things?  People often say it does…
  • While I’m an artist and love color, I do love to wear black and am teased for it. (But I don’t care!)

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Career by the years

  • 4.2001 – Has first “art job” designing in the Scrapbooking Industry
  • 1.2003 – Becomes a contributing editor of Simple Scrapbooks™ Magazine
  • 6.2004 – Tara Reed Designs, Inc. debuts at their first art licensing trade show
  • 7.2008 – Starts www.ArtLicensingInfo.com – which becomes a family of websites to teach artists about the art licensing industry. Other educational products for artists:
  •  9.2009 – Bunco themed Party Kits featuring the art of Tara Reed Designs become available online at www.PrintYourOwnBunco.com. 
  • 6.2011 – Tara Reed becomes a member of the SURTEX Advisory Board

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Mission Statement

Tara Reed Designs is committed to providing high quality art to manufacturers and retailers for use on consumer products. We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We are friendly and professional. We always meet deadlines and take an active role in the creative process to the benefit of all the parties involved.

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