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So much is happening… where’s my cape?

My life is nothing short of a whirlwind right now… maybe a tornado is a better word but it’s all good stuff and tornado sounds like destruction so maybe that isn’t a better word after all.

It’s the end of May and I just returned from another great time exhibiting at the SURTEX trade show in New York.  My sister came to help – she’s never allowed to NOT come to help as my clients would be as devastated as me!  We saw Memphis to kick off the trip – great singing, amazing dancing, we had no idea what it was about but really enjoyed it!

We spent three full days in booth #619 at the Javitz Center where we talked with many manufacturers looking for art for their products.  Here’s a peek at what our 10 x 10 piece of the world looked like… if you want more details about the show and the adventures I had traveling to and from, you can read my post on my Art Licensing Blog.

Now I’m back and busy doing my follow up.  Oh yeah – and packing up the apartment because Wednesday morning Kyle & I make our final move to our newly renovated house!

I feel like life has been a shell game this past year -

  • get engaged
  • buy a short sale that needs LOTS of rennovations but has great “bones”, a great yard and fabulous location
  • sell Craig’s house – which includes getting it ready then packing it up!
  • move Craig to our house while renovations begin
  • figure out college for Kyle (he picked Boston University!  I’m excited for him but hello -that’s FAR from Oregon!)
  • sell our house
  • move Craig to the new house & Kyle and I to an apartment till he finishes school (well, 5 days from finishing – close enough!)

Now the final phase – move us to the new house.  The house is basically done, now they are working on the garage and then it will all be painted and pretty for the wedding… in August.  Here’s a peek at how the house is coming along:

Let us not overlook the fact that my only son will be graduating from high school in just over 2 weeks – I can hardly believe it!!

It’s all very exciting but I must admit – I’m pretty tired right about now.  I could really use a Wonder Woman cape – has anyone seen mine?

– Tara Reed

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