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The end of an era

Today I sign the papers to sell my house… happy and weird at the same time.  My son and I have been there since my divorce in 2004, it’s where I built my business, it’s where my son grew into the amazing young man he is today – on the brink of heading off to college and out into the world.  There is some real history here.

But it’s time for the next chapter so hand me the pen!

Goodbye to the house that has sheltered us, been transformed with us and been the place of so many lessons and amazing memories.  We hope the next family loves you as much as we have…

The next four months will be in an apartment, close to my son’s school and friends and work.  When we moved back to Portland in April of 2004 I made both of us a promise – that I would give him the stability of staying put until he graduated from high school – he’d lived in 8 places by the time he was 11.   Even though the house sold 3.5 months before he puts on his cap and gown – we are still close and he’s digging our new apartment.

This time will go quickly I’m sure but I plan to cherish every moment of it.  Who knows where he will end up come fall –  He’s applied to schools all over the country so there is no guarantee that when I’m missing my baby I can hop in a car and take him out to lunch.

In July we will move into our newly remodeled home and in August I’ll be getting hitched!  2012 is quite an eventful year!  So it’s time to close the book on this amazing chapter of life and look forward to what comes next.

– Tara Reed

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