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Be Green! Be Crafty! Be Healthy!

I’m honored to report that my article on “Crafting Green is Good Earth Therapy” is being re-featured on the Craft For Health Blog.  If you are looking for crafting tips, ideas and inspiration, I suggest you bookmark this blog – they have created an amazing community of artists, crafters and contributors – how do they keep up?

In the post, there is a photo of my 2010 “Make it a Green Year” calendar.  Well… since 2010 is nearing it’s last quarter, it might be a good idea to show you the 2011 Calendar I created in conjunction with Trends International.  (It’s a bit more timely – start your holiday shopping now!)  This year, I combined quotes with art that includes either recycle symbols, the earth or some other green related elements.  Now available in stores and online – get your copy today!  (Click here to buy from Amazon.com*)

Be Green!  Be Crafty! Be Happy!

– Tara Reed

* the Amazon link is an affiliate link – I will earn a commission if you click it and make a purchase… thanks!

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