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Amazing stories of Bunco come after the coverage in Women’s World Magazine

Not only was it a huge thrill to see my artwork and website, www.PrintYourOwnBunco.com, in the nationally distributed Women’s World Magazine, I received several emails and notes of thanks that touched my heart.  One woman, Joyce, gave me permission to share her story.

I am now 83. When I was in 7th and 8th grade in a Catholic school in Indiana we 12 females played Bunco once a month, rotating from house to house. It was great entertainment for all of us.

I now live in a mobile home park and perhaps I can revive Bunco here. I will show our social director your score cards and see if she is interested in trying it. I always looked forward to our evenings of Bunco playing. I had forgotten all about it.

– Joyce

How amazing to have brought back a memory of 7th grade to a woman in her 80′s!   You just never know how something you do can touch another.  I hope Joyce gets to build new Bunco memories!

If you have a Bunco group and want fun, themed Bunco scoresheets and decorations, head to www.PrintYourOwnBunco.com and see what I’ve created.  You can get free Bunco scoresheets with a “Bunco Queen” theme when you sign up for the monthly eNewsletter.

Let the good times roll!

– Tara Reed

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