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Rubber Stamps anyone?

TreeWdStampI just got back from talking to a great group of quilters at the Craft Warehouse in Vancouver, WA. I get to do it again tomorrow – twice!  (1 pm & 7 pm if you are in the area.)  Some were very interested in my stamps so I wanted to get a link up here for them if they come to my blog looking… (Craft Warehouse doesn’t carry them yet but the store manager is going to work on that – yeah Carol!)

I have a total of 65 rubber stamps available in stores and online at www.Janlynn.com.  If you CLICK HERE you should go right to the search that will show you all of my designs.

CLICK HERE to be taken right to this Christmas Tree Sentiment Stamp – it was a favorite of the four samples I brought with me.

If you were one of the quilters I met today – thank you for being so friendly and letting me talk with you today – it is always fun and invigorating to get out the studio every so often!  I’ll blog about the new fabric collection and the link for the project sheet tomorrow… promise!

Happy stamping!

– Tara

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