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My blog has a new (and final) home…

Ahhh… I think I have all my blogs where they need to be now. What a relief!

When I first started blogging in June 2008, I was told to just take the easy route and get a WordPress.com blog.  Well, as I have learned more about blogs and the internet, I have come to discover that you can do so much more with a self-hosted blog – or WordPress.org blog – that is on a website I host and maintain.

Now I’ve gone from zero to three… and each of those three has gone from a WordPress.com to a WordPress.org.  (If you are just starting out – skip the migration step and start with a WordPress.org.)  More features.  More flexibility. More fun!

Stay tuned for more exciting things from the studio…

– Tara

P.S. In case you are wondering, these are my other blogs:

www.ArtLicensingBlog.com – teaching artists about the art licensing industry

www.PrintYourOwnBunco.com/blog – blog for my themed Print-Your-Own Bunco Party Kit product line

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